Easy way to save, search and follow links you like!

PutCut is a great way to save and share links you like, and to discover new links that might interest you. You can follow friends, create folders, view other people's links in public folders, follow RSS feeds, store articles for offline viewing and more!

Never loose a link!

PutCut lets you save links from anywhere, so you can always return to useful pages on any device!

Stay organized, effortlessly!

With multiple folder levels and drag & drop functionality, you will be organized without having to think about it!

Built in social network!

PutCut includes sharing and following functions, so you can share links you like with your friends, and follow interesting people's activity on the site!

RSS reader, too!

PutCut is also an RSS reader, with the ability to follow any feed you want. Includes picture previews and reader mode.

Read offline

No Internet? No problem! With our Android app, you can save links and feed stories for offline viewing on your device.

Login with Facebook and Google

Want to start? Like right now?! You don't have to create an account, you can simply login with Facebook or Google and start using PutCut in seconds!

Browser extension

PutCut also has a Browser extension for Firefox or Chrome! Install it for free, and click the PutCut button in your toolbar to save the current page.


PutCut is introducing a new share widget, which developers can place on websites to allow their users to share links using PutCut. We are also planning to introduce a 3rd party app functionality, which developers can use to offer their content inside PutCut.