Privacy Policy

By using PutCut website, mobile website, applications or browser extensions, even if you don’t register or log in, you will be sharing some information with us. This information is collected purely for statistical purposes and cannot be used to identify you personally. Information that is collected: IP address, Browser User Agent, Referring URL, Display resolution. This information is stored for an extended period of time and may be shared with third parties. We collect this information to help us make PutCut better, optimize it for as many devices as we can, and offer an all-round better user experience.

We utilize Google Analytics platform to collect information about our visitors, and that information is shared with Google and other third parties, and may be used in targeting advertising by Google. For more information, please read Google’s Privacy Policy.
Additionally, IP addresses, user agent strings and accessed page URLs are stored in our web server logs for 6 months.

If you register or log in to PutCut, you will be additionally sharing the following information with us: E-mail, First and last name, Year of birth, Address or Location, Profile picture, Description. This information is considered public by PutCut and may be shown to other users or shared with third parties. E-mail addresses will not be shared with other users and with third parties and may be used only to send notifications or other transactional emails for you from PutCut.

We place small text files on your computer, called cookies, that we use to identify your session and enable you to log in and to store your preferences. This information is not used to track you outside of PutCut. We also utilize HTML5 LocalStorage to store data temporarily on your device, to provide offline access capabilities and speed up application loading.

If you add a link to PutCut, we will send out a probe request to identify the URL, obtain the picture and title, and to check if the website is safe or not. We also may send the URL to Google to check it’s rating.

If you install PutCut’s browser extension, your visited web pages will not be tracked, however we will collect information about the current page you are viewing if you click the PutCut button in the toolbar. The information we collect is non-identifying and consists only of the URL of the web page. We will not collect personally identifiable information from your browser or in any way try to obtain more information about you other than what you provide in your profile.

PutCut reserves the right to change this policy without notifying users. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes. Continuing to use PutCut signifies agreement to the privacy policy.

If we receive a court order or are lawfully compelled to disclose information about you, we will comply with such orders.

If you wish data about you to be permanently deleted, please email us with a written request and proof of identity at . Please note, we can only anonymize your public data, like comments, public profile and public posts and folders.

Last change: 13.04.2018.